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E5: Cleansing Oil, Your Relationship with Your Aesthetician, Sunscreen and Makeup, Building a Skinca

In Episode 5 of The SkinCrush Podcast we talk with Medical Aesthetician, Sonia Escareno. Sonia currently practices aesthetics in Houston, TX at Bellaire Dermatology where she has worked for almost 18 years. She started her career at Bellaire Dermatology as a phone operator, was then trained as a medical assistant by well-known dermatologist, Dr. Craig Teller, and then became a licensed aesthetician. Over the past nearly two decades, Sonia has become an expert provider of aesthetic services and a well-respected member of the Houston aesthetician community. She is a knowledgeable, caring, and kind person that will hold nothing back when it comes to the skincare of her patients. Sonia does not just offer aesthetic services, she establishes relationships and helps all her patients to become their most confident.

Over the course of our conversation Sonia talks about how much the aesthetics industry has grown and how open and savvy patients are today. We discuss cosmetic injections, trendy skincare, the value that an aesthetician can bring to the skincare journey, and so much more!

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