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V1: The SkinCrush Channel

Welcome! I’m so excited that you’re with me as I am relaunching The SkinCrush Channel! I wanted to take a moment to welcome you and share what it is you can expect to find when you visit the channel, which I hope you do often!

The relaunch of the channel was inspired by the launch of The SkinCrush Podcast. The podcast features interviews with experts in the aesthetics industry and people that love skincare. We also have solo podcasts in a series called #SkinCrushDiscuss where I'll take a a topic from our latest podcast interview and expand the discussion.

Our guests give us so much great insight that we need to dig in a little deeper, and that's exactly what we'll do on the channel. You'll find videos that give you even more information on some of the most interesting topics from the podcast.

If podcasts are not for you, that's okay! The SkinCrush Channel will live on its own as a place where you can find discussion of some of the hottest topics in skincare.

There are so many talented skincare professionals working today! I've had the joy of finding a community of people that are not only obsessed with skincare (like I am!) but are also committed to their patients and staying on the cutting edge of innovation without getting sucked into trends that turn out to be nothing more than hype.

I love connecting with people that love skincare and that practice it in way that serves others. Because for me that's the thing. The empowerment and confidence that you get from feeling great about the way you look and about the health of your skin and body.

So I decided to create a place to share my own experience and the experience of all the skincare lovers that I have the privilege of knowing.

We are a community and I want to invite you to come along on your own skincare journey with us. Until next time, SkinCrushers, take care of your skin and take care of each other!

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